The International Photographic Art Salon of FotoClubPro Arad is open to amateur or professional photgraphers from around the world, who are invited to paricipate with digital color or black and white photographs.

The International Photographic Art Salon of FotoClubPro Arad is open to amateur or professional photgraphers from around the world, who are invited to paricipate with digital color or black and white photographs.

The salon is held uder the patrongel ICS nr.2019/350, AAFR nr.2019/008, SRAF nr.2019/02 and FCPA nr.2019/001.

The International Photographic Art Salon of FotoClubPro Arad is organized by FotoClubPro Arad in parnership with Image Colleague Society International and the Cultural Centre of Arad County.


A) – open color (digital)

B) – open monochrome (digital)


51 prizes

* To each section there will be awarded for each section:

- ICS gold, silver and bronze medals + 3 mentions

- AAFR gold, silver and bronze medals + 3 mentions.

- SRAF gold, silver and bronze medals + 3 SRAF mentions

- FCPA gold, silver and bronze medals + 4 FCPA mentions

-FCPA diploma for the most loyal participant.

- the special medal for “best author” conferred by ICS.

* The salon is organized under the ICS, AAFR și SRAF rules.

* the artist who has most acceptances in the salon is declared “best author” and his name will be mentioned in the catalogue of the salon. In the case of two or more authors with the same number of acceptances, the jury will make an irrevocable decision


* each participant can have up to 4 photographs at each section.

* Submitting the photographs, along with the entry form in word format and the proof of payment of the participation fee, can be done online at trough, the long edge of the photograph must be of a minimum of 3000 pixels and 300 dpi. The photograph must be saved in jpeg format and sRGB color profile

* each participant must be the author of the photograph sent to the salon and must have ownership rights for the work.

*along with submtting the photograph, each participant certifies the authenticity of his work and the fact that he is the sole author. Furthemore, each participant allows the organisers to use the photo, free of royalties, to be published in the catalogue of the salon and in promotional materials for the salon

* a participant cannot enter the same photograph that he participated with at previous salons organize by FotoClubPro Arad.

* a photograph can be rejected if the jury considers that the respective photograph does not fulfill the conditions stated in the rules of the salon.

* the members of the jury will judge the photograph without having any infromation regarding the name of the author or the county of origin.

* The decisions of the jury are definitive and uncontestable.


* the identification code of the images will have a maximum of 30 characters, divided in 4 groups

- the first group of letters will contain the ISO code of the country of origin.

- the second group will contain the name of the author, narrowed down to 3 letters.

- the third group indicates the section, A=color, B=monochrome and the order number under which the photograph is registered on the registration form.

-the last grup, preced by underline ( _ )contains the title of the photograph.


romarA1_ sunset

ro = ISO România

mar = the first three letters of the name Marian Ioan

A1 = the first photography submitted at the color section

_sunset = title of the photograph


* The participation fee is unique and mandatory to all participant for both sections and, in quantum of:

- 10 EURO for participants from the Europen Union

- 15 USD for the participants from the other countries of the world

The participation fee can be paid tough PayPal at the following


The entries for the salon will be judged by a competent jury composed of:

Tony Le Kim Thuan EFIAP, Hon EFIAP, Hon FICS, MICS, etc - USA

Alexandre Vajaianu EFIAP/b, EICS, EAAFR - FRANCE

Călin Andra- ROMÂNIA


Deadline for submitting the entries_________21.07.2019


Communicating the results_______________05.08.2019

Opening of the exhibition_________________17.09.2019

Sending the prizes______________________30.09.2019


*the Record of Achievements of the salon will be made public on the website


* all prized photographs and a wide selection of the acceptances will be printed on a 30/45 format and exhibited in an event in Arad, Museum of Arad. Clio Hall


*the digital catalogue of the salon will be distributed via e-mail to all authors that have acceptances in the contest. The printed version will be handed out to all those that will be present at the inaugauration of the exhibition.


Trough entering to this contest, you explicitly agree that you agree that the data you suplied: e-mail adresses will be processed and used by the organizers of the exhibition in purposes connected to the exhibtion. Also, you explicitely agree to sending such information to organizations that award patronage or official accreditation to the contest. You recognize and accept that participating in this contest means that thev status and results of you submission can be made public

Note: When a participant fills out the entry form tor the contest, it is considered that he has read these participation rules when he has filled out the entry form.


* any additional informations or clarifications, the director of the salon Nelu Scripciuc is at your sevice at the e-mail adress